900$ in Czech korunas

Prague is definitely one of the most beautiful cities I have ever visited. It was a lot less overwhelming than London, because there’s just so much to do and so many places to be in London that it can almost be a source of stress at times. I’m incredibly glad that I chose to live in London this semester, but I think that studying abroad in Prague would have been really cool as well.



My first day in Prague was spent wandering around the city with my friend and roommate, Lauren. Our hostel, called Mosaic House, was really nice but a strange place. There was a sort of mini club connected to the lobby, and the doors were adorned with strange, creepy cartoon monsters. It was very clean, though, with lots of young people there who were ready to party.


I unfortunately got very sick our first morning there (maybe that’s just a common theme for whenever I travel now?), when we went to have breakfast at an aesthetically-pleasing cafe called Coffee room. I got some fantastic avocado toast there, but unfortunately it did not sit very well with me. After I got sick, I felt a lot better, though, and Lauren and I decided to explore the city.



(Not a random picture of a cactus, it was part of the cafe’s aesthetic)

The architecture in Prague is absolutely brilliant, and just walking around the city was a marvelous experience. I’ve honestly never been very interested in visiting Prague, but I immediately fell in love with it when I did.


Lauren and I did a lot in our first day before the rest of our friends arrived. We went up in Prague’s beautiful clock tower; ate at the BEST Mexican restaurant in the world (seriously), Las Adelitas; visited two of the most gorgeous cathedrals I have ever seen and probably walked further than I think I have in my entire time living in London.






There was a bit of a mishap while we were getting gelato in the afternoon, though. The ice cream shop we were at only accepted cash, so I visited their ATM to take out a small amount of money, and I thought I was taking out about 20$, because the machine said something about it being 21 US dollars or something. Turns out I took out nearly 900$. I was really confused at first, because I just thought that the exchange rate was really weird and that the huge stack of cash I received was normal. I nearly had a heart attack when I realized how much I had actually taken out. Thank God, my friends bought the majority of my cash off of me, but my parents did lose probably around 150$ from bank fees. Oops. Maybe this was God’s way of punishing me for not eating vegan. Yikes.


Sad times.

Our friends arrived much later that night, and we went to a pretty chill but interesting bar called Anonymous Bar, where the bartenders all wear creepy masks and serve really cool drinks, almost all of which unfortunately tasted terrible. I got a drink that came with a pre-stamped postcard that I could send anywhere in the world, so I wrote a note on it and had it mailed to my parents. Other people got drinks that were lit on fire and served in volleyballs with Wilson from the movie Castaway’s face painted on them.



The next morning we went to a cute cafe that served delicious Australian coffee (the best kind of coffee, in my opinion). I got an Irish coffee, as I’ve always wanted to try one, and it was delicious. We thought that the cafe served meals, but they didn’t, so some of us ended up going to Las Adelitas again. I could eat their nachos and drink their margaritas forever. London just doesn’t have good Mexican food! (Or not that I’ve found, at least) We have a lot of other fantastic food here, though, I’ll give London that. Authentic Czech food is actually horrible.


After our “brunch,” my friends and I wandered around the city a bit more, but there wasn’t much left that Lauren and I wanted to do that we hadn’t done the previous day. We walked by the river a bit and saw these really creepy baby sculptures, which was super weird.


We also all went to the John Lennon Wall, which I absolutely loved. I’ve wanted to see it my entire life, and I was really excited to get to see all the different art covering it.





We had another really chill day, and after that we were ready for a crazy night. We decided to go to this club that was five stories tall, with an ice bar in it as well. We kept joking about our choice of alcohol for our pregame- named Nordic Ice, which just sounded like a disastrous name. That night will forever be known as “The Night We Drank Nordic Ice.”

The ice bar (and the club itself) were extremely underwhelming, unfortunately. We got some cute pictures at the ice bar, but it was tiny and freezing (duh… don’t know what I expected). I’m glad I went, but I really have no desire to visit one ever again. The club wasn’t completely awful, but it wasn’t too fun, either. My feet hurt and I’m not really the clubbing type, so my friends Rachel and Amanda and I left before the rest of our friends and went to go get burritos and hang out, which ended up being a lot more fun than the club itself.



Disclaimer: I did in fact find a huge hair in this burrito. One of the top 5 worst things that have happened in my life thus far.

The next morning, Lauren and I had to wake up pretty early for our flight, and as much fun as I had in Prague, I was ready as usual to return to London. I positively loved Prague, however, and I’m really glad that I decided to go despite my initial disinterest in it. I can’t wait to go back one day!


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