zürich: 3/10 would recommend

I recently returned from a trip to Zürich, Switzerland with a few other girls from my trip. First thing’s first- I really wasn’t too keen on going on this trip, because the end of our time in London is rapidly approaching and I really want to spend as much time there as possible in the end because I love it so much. That being said, my friend Morgan and I had booked our plane ticket to Switzerland at the very beginning of our trip, and while it wasn’t very expensive at all and wouldn’t really have been a total loss if I didn’t go, I figured I should go anyways because who knows how cool it could actually be and when else will I ever have the chance to go to Switzerland so easily? Probably never again, so I went.


When we arrived in the Zürich airport, we were blown away by the cost of things. Sure, we knew that Switzerland was going to be expensive, but we definitely didn’t expect a burger from Burger King to be the equivalent of 16 dollars!!! If fast food is that expensive, how much could regular meals cost?! We asked a woman in the airport if there were any cheap(ish) restaurants around, and she told us that we probably couldn’t get a meal for under 50 U.S. dollars. At that point, I swore to starve myself for the rest of the trip, but after a long Uber drive and getting lost trying to meet up with our friends who were already there, we finally found a cute little fondue restaurant a short ride away from our hotel. It was pretty late, but the nice people there served us anyways, and we got some delicious fondue and pretzels and beer to tide us over before bed. It didn’t even end up costing very much, which put a lot of our worries to rest.


(Check out those McDonald’s prices!)

The next day, Morgan and I spent our time walking around the city, shopping, eating and trying to see the touristy sites. Turns out, Zürich is basically just a very fancy, very expensive shopping city. It is beautiful, don’t get me wrong, but if you’re not in the mood to drop 5,000$ at Chanel there really isn’t a ton to do (or maybe we just did it all horribly wrong, who knows really).



When I return to Switzerland one day I definitely want to go somewhere other than Zürich, maybe Geneva/Interlaken? I hiked in the Alps in Austria back in 2014, so I figured for this trip that I didn’t need to worry too much about visiting them again since I had already seen them and was prepared to see many new sites, but I do kind of regret not going back into them, as one of my friends went and had a fantastic time and got lots of gorgeous photos.


(Me with my friends Ana and Janey in the Alps during my first trip to Europe)

Morgan and I had a lovely day exploring together, but by the end of our short time there we were kind of just searching for things to do. I found myself wishing that I had stayed in London while I was there, as London has truly become my home and my happy place.

We ended our day with some more fondue (not vegan, sorry, had to!) with our friends and a nice walk around the river.



The next day we basically just wandered around and did a bit more shopping (Swiss chocolate, mmm) until it was time to leave for the airport. By that time tensions had run a bit high and people were disagreeing a lot about how we should get there (Uber, taxi, etc.) and I was beyond ready to get home.


Once again, arriving back in London was one of the happiest, most relieving moments ever. While traveling is really fun and wonderful and I truly enjoy it, returning to London at the end of the weekend is always like a breath of fresh air as it feels like home.

P.S. The featured image on this post is a photo I took of Giacometti Hall, which is actually the entrance to Zürich’s police station! Nicknamed the “hall of tiny flowers,” this definitely has to be the prettiest police station ceiling in existence!

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