palma de mallorca, españa ♡

PThis weekend was unreal. I feel very happy, well-rested and positive. Palma de Mallorca, Spain is basically the best place ever. Okay, maybe not ever, but it was still pretty freakin’ awesome. My friend Caroline and I left London at 2am on Friday, and ended up missing our bus by one minute because a Tube worker gave us terrible directions, so we had to pay 30 pounds each to take a cab with three random Italian men who were also heading to Gatwick and couldn’t speak any English. It was annoying, but also kind of an adventure and a funny story to tell. We were exhausted and slept a bit in the airport and passed out on the flight, and upon arrival in Spain we both immediately took a lovely siesta. Our hotel wasn’t anything incredible, but it was really nice for what we paid and it was nice to get away from our teeny rooms in London. It’s called Hostal Apuntadores, for anyone who cares. The beds were amazing, though, and I got some of the best night’s sleeps of my life.



There was also an amazing rooftop terrace which provided a beautiful 360 view of the island, from the beach to the historic cathedral to the mountains in the distance with a castle in the hills.


After our nap, we walked around the village and got the most amazing gelato (not vegan, oops, but the chocolate and pistachio was waaay too good to pass up) and went for a stroll on the beach.


The water was cold but the sun was warm and there was a light breeze that made for the most perfect weather.


That night, we drank champagne and ate Doritos on our balcony while watching the gorgeous sunset.


I’ve honestly never been more content than I was with everything this weekend- I just felt so much healthier and happier than I have for a while in London- most likely because of the weather. Palma was the most relaxing place I’ve been in a long time. It was really nice to get away from the stress of the city life and to be able to just do what I wanted and not have an agenda. I love the siesta lifestyle in Spain- everything closes from around 2-5pm and everyone goes home from work/school to relax and take naps. It’s honestly wonderful and I have no idea why the rest of the world hasn’t caught on to this fantastic ritual. Spanish people don’t eat until very late, either, which I also really like. It makes the day seem so much longer, and I feel like I can get more done. Tapas and sangria bars are the stars of the show in Spain. I ate more patatas bravas and drank more sangria than a person probably ever should, but I loved every bit of it.


The next morning (well, really afternoon because we slept in late), Carol and I went for the most amazing bike ride. There’s a wonderful bike trail that wraps around the island, and everyone is out and about on it enjoying the sun, rollerblading and walking their dogs.


Riding my bike around Palma has been one of my favorite experiences of this entire trip. The weather was perfect, the views were spectacular and life was just beautiful. We passed a lot of bands playing live music and even a bar with lots of couples salsa dancing. We rode to a little orange grove down by the harbor, and I ate an orange off a tree which was really cool. (and tasty!!)


That night we went to another tapas/wine bar and had some lovely chats over a few glasses of cheap wine (god bless Spain for being so much cheaper than London). It was honestly wonderful to be able to get away from the hustle and bustle of the busy city and to just relax and not have any worries or obligations. This little vacation was just what I needed Now it’s back to business in Londontown, but luckily our spring break is next week- woohoo! I’m really excited to travel more places now. (As well as getting to know London more deeply, which is my main goal for this trip.)

I’d say I’m off to bed now, but in all honesty I’m probably going to just apply for more internships because I desperately want to live in Colorado or California this summer! Wish me luck!

P.S. just had to add that I got to see one of my absolute favorite artists, Griz, for free last week when I found out that my friend was going to his show and then a guy on Facebook offered me a free ticket. We were nearly front row, which was a totally rad experience. Also, I saw Griz just casually walk into the venue just a few minutes before the show started, and no one even freaked out or anything because he’s not nearly as big in London as he is in America. Spontaneous decisions have really been working out for me lately.



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